Ramstein Air Force Base Address
APO AE 09094

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Ramstein AFB Germany


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Ramstein Air Force Base

Home to the 3rd Air Force of the USA, Ramstein Air Base is an American AFB in Germany, in the province called Rheinland-Pfalz. The Brigadier General Richard C. Johnston has recently stated in a press conference the important purpose of this base's activity: it serves as headquarters for the American Air troops in Europe, the USAFE, and it is also a NATO facility. There is no stand-alone logo for the base, there are many instead. But they all convey the same thing: pace and security in the NATO region.

Built in 1953, Ramstein has had its history both with its successful missions and tragic accidents. On the 28th of August 1988 it was implicated in an air show disaster, a reason for which nowadays it trains the troops far more effectively. In fact, it is the best US AFB in Europe. It also supports the 86th Airlift Wing.

It has very few facilities, no housing and all of these because it specializes in first class training. There is only graduate education at the base, as a contrast to the US Air Force Academy, where they have undergraduates also. Ramstein has been in the press recently with on of its many exercises together with NATO. The impact of this mission is not really big if seen on this scale but it has really aided the troops in their future performances in the theatre of operations. Neither the size, nor the demographics are revealed, for security reasons.